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Tacos + Margs = Bff

We are two midwest women who met on a double date (with our future husbands) for tacos and margs. Meeting other women from a small community can be challenging. What if she's dressed up and I'm not? What if she hates dogs? What if she isn't on my level? Can she even get on my level? Luckily, the date went off without a hitch. Did we just become best friends? Yep. Fast forward 10 years: Husbands, dogs, kids, and we are still having tacos and margs.

Our bodies changed after becoming moms (we still love our kids). We struggled to find clothing which made us feel comfortable, confident, stylish, and actually fit our new/changing shapes. Another new challenge with parenthood is finding affordable clothing for our budgets. Don't mention loading up the kids in the car to actually go to a store!

After talking about our struggles and desire for change, Don't Blush Boutique was born! We want to provide clothing to other women who may be going through the same stages of life (or who just think our clothes are cute!), offering  traditional and curvy sizes. With our online store you have the convenience of shopping from comfort of your home and we provide fast 2 day priority shipping, because who likes waiting?!


We hope we can make you feel comfortable and confident because you owe it to yourself.  You are beautiful, you are amazing, you are worth it!


Don't Blush. Be Confident!

xoxox - Mackenzie & Tai

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